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Coding is set to be one of the most important skills to have in the future, and getting a head start means being able to create the amazing technology we will have in that future. Visit #ccmmsponsor The Coder School East Cobb today to see how you can get your kids involved in coding! Http:// #kidscancode #codingisfun #codingisthefuture
@sittertree is making headlines! For all of our hard-working mommas, learn how SitterTree can help ease the job of finding your next trusted babysitter. 💚🌟 #momapproved #kidapproved #ccmmsponsor
Here’s a tip from #ccmmsponsor #drjanelle at @brilliant_eyes_vision_center 👉🏾 It’s Monday. Set the tone for this week with a good workout and healthy meal. Your goals are met with small, daily choices. You’ve got this! #happymonday #mondaymotivation #mondayquotes #notjusteyes #inspirationtoo #encouragementtoo
These fresh new tortoise shell frames are perfect for fall. Go see #ccmmsponsor #drjanelle at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center this week to check them out. #frameoftheweek. You can find all her info at @brilliant_eyes_vision_center
Smyrna Zone got together and had a progressive dinner at the Battery. We experienced a variety of dining options offered by Cru Wine Bar, C Ellets Steakhouse and ended the evening at Hagen Daz. It was a great time to fellowship, sharing everything from school programs to things we do to recharge in order to be our best selves. We had a blast! #ccmm
Meet one of Atlanta’s most engaging babysitters! Sitter, Nanny, Teacher and Small Group Leader. Tamara Kenon is an all-round beautiful person. When she isn’t caring for children, she volunteers as a group leader at Remerge, a non-profit aiming to reconcile marginalized communities. We think you’ll agree, Tamara is #notyouraveragesitter. Visit to request your next sitter, use code FREETST to receive 1 FREE Sitter Request! #5starsitters #ccmmsponsor @sittertree
Are your kids interested in coding? Do they like playing video games and the idea of creating their own? If so, The Coder School East Cobb is offering a great course to take advantage of! The Coder School Fundamentals - October 13th 2-5pm & October 20th 2-5pm, $59/session Kids will learn the fundamentals of Python or Scratch! Concepts covered include: Variables, Strings, Functions, Loops, If/Else Statements and a lot more! Your kids will be able to take these building blocks and run with them to create their own games and apps! Sign up today under ‘Our Upcoming Events’ on their website. #kidscancode #codingisfun #ccmmsponsor
This mom just got a new butler! Congratulations to Kolayna for signing up for The Contact Lens Butler!! Now she can spend less time worrying about ordering her contacts and more time with her kids. The monthly payment plan keeps more money in her pocket so that she can keep doing the things she loves. Is there someone in your family who wears contacts? Think of all the ways The Contact Lens Butler will change your life! Visit the website below 👇🏾 to learn more about Dr Janelle at @brilliant_eyes_vision_center and find out how you can sign up. Http:// #contactlensbutler #liveyourbestlife #anotherone #drjanelle #ccmmsponsor
It’s not too late to sign up for the upcoming Fall Break Code Camp at The Coder School East Cobb! This camp WILL sell out soon! Learn to code and Change the world! Sept 24th-28th, 9am-3pm. Head over to the links below 👇🏾💻 Python Start Up Games Are Awesome #kidscancode #codingisfun #learntocode #ccmmsponsor #fallbreak

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