Cobb Mochas are headed to the Trails #GirlTrek #NationalTrailsDay

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Cobb County Mocha Moms is  so excited about the national partnership between Mocha Moms and GirlTrek. We are excited to go hiking this Saturday, June 3rd for NATIONAL TRAILS DAY. Generally, hiking is described as a walk on a hiking trail, high terrain or flat land. However you describe it, it is simply getting out and using natural resources to gain strength through walking! is a 5-year-old national organization and health movement for black women and girls, grounded in civil rights history and principles through walking campaigns, community leadership, and health advocacy.  They have teamed up with the #AmericanHikingSociety to encourage people of color to hit the trails and enjoy the great outdoors.

Why is Mocha Moms partnering with GirlTrek? There is an unprecedented health crisis facing Black women. 82% of Black women are over a healthy weight and are dying younger and at higher rates than any group of women in this country from preventable disease.

To kick off June, Cobb Mocha Moms  is hosting a Level 1 (easy) hike as part of the #NationalTrailsDay national campaign. We are excited to have 9 Sistahs joining us on Heritage Park trail! We’ll be rocking our  “super hero” blue Girl Trek gear on our walk and hopefully meeting/ rallying other women on the trail to begin daily walking habits in their communities.

In addition to weekly walking challenges, GirlTrek hosts a series of heart-pumping, inspiring summer treks to some of the most beautiful places on the planet! Together, we work up a sweat, wear cute gear and visit beautiful places – all while being healthy and feeling joyful!

Getting involved in the GirlTrek movement is easy!  

  1.  Register at
  2.  Join our GirlTrek with Cobb County Mocha Moms Facebook group
  3.  COME ON OUT! Walk with your fellow GirlTrekkers in your neighborhood, a local park and on beautiful trails!
  4.  Compete in fun monthly challenges to build a habit of daily exercise and to get others in your life moving!
  5. TELL SOMEBODY! Help Girltrek reach 1 MILLION by 2018!   We can’t get to a million without you.




Our CobbCounty Mocha Moms and our families had an amazing time at the advanced screening of Hidden Figures. This was such an inspiring story that had so many amazing messages 1) the importance of education to bettering one’s life 2) the understanding that we get ahead TOGETHER 3) how the pursuit to be the 1st in space depended on NASA letting go of racism and sexism and 4) celebrating black love.

Hidden Figures centers on the fact America was losing the space race and if it were not for these amazing black women, we would not gotten John Glen to the moon and restored the nation’s confidence in NASA.

Thank you Mocha Moms, Inc. for the advanced screening opportunity.This is a MUST SEE MOVIE..TAKE YOUR FAMILIES #hiddenfigures #familymovie #moneywellspent1-7-2017-10-38-11-pm

Cobb County Mochas Help Local Kids

As moms, kids have a special place in our hearts. At last Saturday’s holiday party, our CobbCounty Mocha Moms showed our love for helping needy children. Due to the generosity of our members we were able to help make several kids Christmas a little bit brighter.

We donated the toys to the Cobb Christmas Inc. whose mission is to provide “food and gifts at Christmas time to Cobb County’s low-income families to help keep the true spirit of Christmas alive”.  Great job, our community activism chairs




NCMM Gives Back to Cobb Diaper Day!

Such an honor to participate in the 8th Annual Cobb Diaper Day! Many groups came together to donate to local agencies that distribute diapers to needy families.Our Co-President Eboni DuBose and Co-President-elect Marionette Audifferen snapped a photo with Tim Lee, Chairman of Cobb County Board of Commissioners. We are #mochamoms who give back to our community. #mochasgiveback #beamocha



Black Marriage Day: A celebration of love

5iRXAbgRTCredit: Post created from BMWK Reasons Why Black Marriage Matters and Examiner’s National Black Marriage Day

If you are black and married you can choose to accept what statistics say about marriage in the black community or you can elect to show the strength, love, and honor that is produced from black love. Unfortunately, statistics do not paint a favorable picture of black marriages. Studies reveal that divorce is more prevalent in black marriages than in any other race because blacks are poorer and place more attention on the extended family (the village) instead of the marital relationship.

Interestingly, black couples do thrive financially, socially, and mentally. In addition, black children with married parents perform better academically, have less run-ins with the law, and lower pregnancy rate. Healthy black marriages improve the lives and future of the black family. Hence, the reason Nisa Muhammad, founder of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, created National Black Marriage Day in 2003.

For the past 13 years, black couples, churches and marriage-focused organizations all over the country have been celebrating Black Marriage Day. This year, the momentous occasion honoring black love will be celebrated on April 3rd.Its growth isn’t by accident. The need for more positive images of black marriage and family is long overdue.

This celebration is by no means meant to insinuate the marriages of people from other races don’t matter. It’s just that black marriages need a little extra TLC to combat so many of the negative stereotypes and images we see daily.


Muhammad wanted to highlight the positive attributes of black marriages and celebrate the couples who stick and stay in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death they part. Despite what the statistics show, many black couples are praying together, building wealth together, raising smart and respectful children, and helping the community.

North Cobb Mocha Moms celebrated Black Marriage Day with having some fun with our husbands making our very own pizza . Our couples enjoyed an intimate, private room at Buckhead Pizza Co. Galleria where we enjoyed delicious wine and appetizers, played games for prizes, shared special moments with each other, made tasty pizzas, and listened to amazing marriage advice from marriage counselor, Darvin Hottle.

Thank you again to Stella Whitaker Photography LLC for capturing these AMAZING moments



Mother’s Support: It’s Story Time at the Library!


Join us for story time at the library! They should call it story time plus, because it’s so much more! There’s stories, music and movement, and bubbles at the end. You don’t have to worry that your little one won’t sit still because they don’t have to!

Afterwards, we’ll go to McDonald’s on Floyd Road for indoor play and lunch. See you there!

Margo Thomas
Mother Support Co Chair

Event Details & RSVP
What: Mother Support-Story time
Who: North Cobb Mocha Moms
When: Wed Feb 18, 2015, 11 am – 1 pm EST
Where: South Cobb Regional Library
805 Clay Road, Mableton, GA 30126

Contact Person: Mocha Margo Thomas (Email her so she’ll be on the lookout for you!

North Cobb Mochas at Earth to Echo

North Cobb Mochas had a great time at Earth To Echo. It’s E.T for this generation. It was funny, heart-warming, and empowering for kids to feel heard and to feel that THEY CAN DO SOMETHING. The best lesson was the power of friendship. @amustsee ‪#‎earthtoecho‬ ‪#‎mochamoms‬ ‪#‎gamml‬



Last Saturday, we had a fabulous time celebrating family, fun, and @ShotAtLife at our 4th Annual Family Fun Day! We raised over $60 and were able to give 3 children a Shot@Life by giving them vaccinations  from pneumonia, diarrhea, polio and measles! If you wold like to donate to this wonderful cause go to Shot@Life’s website  @mochamoms @ShotAtLife


final family fun day shot


Family Fun Day 2014: Celebrating Family, Fun, and Shot@Life

North Cobb Mochas are gearing up for one of our traditions. This year we are celebrating our 4th Annual Family Fun Day on April 5th ! We will have an egg hunt, picnic, games, laughs and more! It’s really a wonderful time for all our North Cobb families!  Check out last year’s Family Fun Day

Every year we use Family Fun Day to raise money for Shot@Life (a Mocha Moms, Inc. partner).  Shot@Life seeks to eradicate the deaths of children due to lack of life-saving vaccines.  Mothers in undeveloped countries walk for miles to clinics to receive vaccines for their children, only to arrive and be turned away because the supply has been exhausted. The pain and disappointment of not being able to provide for your child is a feeling no mother ever wants to have to face. Our chapter and others around the country are committed to helping mothers in other countries in the fight for the lives of their children.

This year to add a bit of excitement to our fundraising efforts, we are having a Dunk A Dad tank. Mochas are signing up their husbands and preparing their husbands to get wet. We look forward to seeing our North Cobb Mocha families for a wonderful day celebrating family, fun, and life! dunk a dad

Trip to Bountiful: Multichapter Mocha Movie Night

mocha movie march night

Over 30 Mochas from around Atlanta came together for a night of sisterhood.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  We were able to book a beautiful Hilton suite which gave us FANTASTIC skyline views of Atlanta.  President Kendra Pierson of Atlanta Mocha Moms was the gracious host and planned a spectacular event.  Her popcorn table and “fun punch” was so decadent!  It was truly a memorable night and we are proud that we were a part of over 40 Mocha chapters across the country hosting a LifeTime “Trip to Bountiful” Watch party!  To view pictures, go to our MOM’s Night Out Gallery!