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As a Cobb County Mocha Moms member, you will have the opportunity to attend events and activities such as Mom’s Night Out/Mom’s Day Away, Sister Circle, bi-monthly Mothers Support activities for moms who stay at home, and Home Alone activities for moms with school-age children or flexible day time schedules.  A critical tenet of our chapter is community service and leadership.  Therefore, we ask that all members actively engage in our community service projects and fundraisers that help give back to the community.

How to Join Cobb County Mocha Moms

To register online visit

  1. Click Join Us, then select Join or Renew.
  2. Choose membership type from the drop down menu and then choose the chapter you are joining (i.e. GA-Cobb County). The annual membership fee is $50.00.
  3. Proceed to fill out payment/application information.
  4. Email electronic confirmation/receipt to the attention of our Membership Chair at

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