Corporate Sponsorship

Eboni Dubose (2019 Sponsorship Committee)

Corporate Sponsorship is intended to help our members become more aware of local businesses in the area, increase brand awareness among our membership and promote goodwill in the community. Sponsoring an organization like Cobb County Mocha Moms is a great way to market toward a highly targeted audience.  Our group provides your business the unique perspective of having access to mommies of color. We’d love to partner with you and develop a mutually beneficial relationship!  A win-win!


Cobb County Mocha Moms is interested in developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate sponsors who:

  • Have a strong commitment to the American family
  • Understand the value of mothers and depict mothers-both working and at-home-positively
  • Recognize that women of color value their children and their families and can be stay-at-home mothers by choice
  • Recognize the economic power of women and families of color
  • Recognize and depict families of color as part of the mainstream, American landscape
  • Have a strong commitment to education
  • Have an interest in closing the economic, financial and health gap between the African-American community and other communities


The buying power of mothers tops $2.1 trillion a year, and we control 85% of household income.

Women of color in America are 54 million strong, incredibly entrepreneurial and increasingly well educated.  It is estimated that African-American women control 62% of the buying power of African-American Consumer Market, which equals nearly $790 billion.  (See Target Market News and Selig Center for Econmoic Growth at The University of Georgia for actual numbers.)

The purchasing power of women cannot be denied, as we

  • Purchase 94% of all home furnishing products
  • Make 92% of all vacation decisions
  • Account for 51% of consumer electronic sales
  • Overwhelmingly influence (89%) the decision to open a new bank account


  • Cobb County Mocha Moms is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.
  • Our members are mothers who desire to patronize businesses that cater to women, children and families.  Our moms routinely…
    • Dine out at restaurants across metro-Atlanta
    • Shop for groceries for their families
    • Purchase clothing for themselves, children and even spouses
    • Visit movie theaters, museums and other educational activities
    • Buy hair care and beauty products
    • Purchase various consumer electronics
    • Travel with their families
    • Make decisions regarding healthcare
    • Influence decisions on home improvement
  • Our limited budget pays for website hosting, hospitality items for hosting events, small gifts for new moms and member birthdays, rental space for events, snacks and publicity (flyers).  We enjoy giving back to the community and regularly partner with local non-profits that assist mothers and kids.  Some non-profits we support annually are  Calvary Children’s Home7 Bridges to Recovery, and Must Ministries.
  • Our membership hails from Marietta, Acworth, Austell, Mableton, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Smyrna and surrounding areas.  Prospective members and families new to the area are finding us on the web through Google and Facebook.


Do you have a business in Metro-Atlanta?  Would you like to access a market segment that focuses on mothers of color?  Does your company provide services that benefits moms, children, and families?  If so, we would love to partner with you!

Please consider adding Cobb County Mocha Moms to your marketing budget.  To participate as a Corporate Sponsor, please fill out the Cobb County Mocha Moms Corporate Sponsorship Form.

Marionette Allen Audifferen (2019 Sponsorship Committee)