Be a Chapter Leader

A key tenet of our chapter is leadership.  Yearly nominations and elections for officers and committee heads are held in September/October.  As a volunteer-run organization, we encourage members to consider taking a leadership role.  Below is a brief description of our Executive Board and committees.  Take a moment to read the descriptions to understand more about the leadership positions within the chapter. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Executive Board

The President/Co-Presidents represent the chapter before the National, Executive Board and oversees the day-to-day operations of the local chapter according to national mandates and chapter bylaws.  They are also responsible for fundraising for the chapter and setting the tone/vision for the chapter.

The Vice-President, in conjunction with other Co-Presidents to ensure that committee activities and chapter events are posted by the 5th of the previous month. They are also responsible for fundraising for the chapter.

The Treasurer handles all financial transactions by maintaining the chapter bank account and checkbook and preparing monthly and annual financial reports.  The Treasurer reports directly to the Co-Presidents.

The Secretary keeps minutes of meetings, emails a copy to the Executive Board and uploads the minutes to TeamApp and for members to view.  In addition, the Secretary maintains an archive of pertinent communications disseminated from the National Board.

The entire executive board responsible for  planning signature events (Mothers Day, Christmas Party, Family Fun Day, etc)

Committee Chairs 

Community Activism is responsible for organizing community service projects and charity events that enable our members to get involved in assisting families and children in our local community.

Fundraising is responsible for identifying additional funding sources (outside membership dues) to support chapter and community outreach activities.  You are responsible for reaching out to businesses who are interested in supporting mothers, children, and families and seeing if they are interested in sponsorship.

Helping Hands is responsible for keeping track of members who are in need of specific support from the group (expectant and new mothers, those experiencing illness or loss, etc.) by organizing meal delivery and other forms of practical support such as running errands, in-home services or visitation).

Friday Brunch (open) chair provides support for moms who have flexible schedule to meet up on Fridays for lunch.

Marriage Enrichment exists to provide encouragement and support to married couples. Couples events will be hosted every other month  to celebrate the beauty of marriage and strengthen our members’ relationships with their spouses.

Membership Committee is responsible for welcoming new members to our Facebook and TeamApp groups, giving birthday shout outs to members, responding to membership inquiries and coordinating new member mixers.

Mochapreneurs (open) exists to help our mompreneurs deepen and develop their business skills through sharing success stories, business tips, and local resources.

Publicity is responsible for:  1) supporting the social media requirements of our sponsors based on their level of sponsorship and 2)  taking pictures at our events (or gathering pics from other Mochas) and publicizing events and ensuring the chapter is highly visible on social media (Facebook and some Instagram, and Twitter).  Our aim is that mothers of color learn about the chapter and the benefits from being a part of Mocha Moms, Inc.

Sister Circle offers a platform for members to intimately discuss various topics on parenting, marriage, health, education, finances, careers and beauty.  Experts may be  invited to share helpful information.

Social/MNO are responsible for organizing monthly moms nights out and utilizing a committee to plan our signature events (Mothers Day, Family Fun Day, Holiday Party, Etc)

Teens and Tweens is responsible for organizing activities for tweens and teens that are not only fun but help them give back to the community and build leadership and social skills.  In addition, Teens and Tweens is another opportunity to support mothers of older children via  get-togethers or information forums

Website is responsible for updating the chapter’s website so that it provides newcomers and the public with details about the organization.

Weekday Mother’s Support offers the opportunity for our stay at home moms  to connect with each other with the children play. It is usually held either at a public location or at a member’s home.  Chairs can bring in speakers to share topics on mothers, parenting, etc.

Weekend Mother’s Support offers the opportunity for our working moms to connect with each other with the children play. It is usually held either at a public location or at a member’s home.  Chairs can bring in speakers to share topics on mothers, parenting, etc.

Zone leaders  are also responsible for reaching out mochas in their city and encouraging them to 1) carpool to chapter events 2) working with Helping Hands to help a mocha in need in their city, 3) checking up on mochas who have not been to events in a while, and 4)organizing local get togethers for Mochas in their zone